Over the last year, I’ve had increasing requests to translate documents from English to Arabic, and I’ve often translated materials from Arabic to English as part of my academic work as a historian.

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From the USA State Department website:

لا يجوز للكونجرس إصدار أي قانون يتعلق بإقامة دين من الأديان بصورة رسمية، أو منع مامرسة الدين بحرية

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

If I was translating this, I might say:

لا يجوز للكونغرس إصدار قانون يقيم ديناُ أو يمنع ممارسة دين

What do you readers suggest?


At this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, YA author and would-be/will-be publisher Noura al-Noman drove in from Sharjah to talk about translating literature for young people. She spoke alongside Dar al-Muna publisher Mona Henning, author and translator Sampurna Chatterji, and Literature Across Frontiers’ director Alexandra Büchler.

booksAl-Noman spoke about the particular importance of translating science fiction into Arabic.

This is an interest of hers “because of the fact that I’m focused on this rare genre.” Although al-Noman is producing spec-fic novels—two now, with a third in progress—there is a need for the genre to be enriched by translations if it is to flower, she said.

“How many books can I come up with per year? There has to be more of that content available for young adults for them to keep interested in the genre. The only way to do that is by translating.”

This isn’t just true of science…

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In June 2012, Eman Hylooz and Tamim Al Manaseer co-founded Abjjad, an Arabic social network for books with a big vision. 

abjjadArabLit: Why did you decide to start Abjjad? What’s your background?

Eman Hylooz: I majored in computer science followed by MBA in quality management… I worked for more than six years in a software development company in quality assurance and software-process engineering[.]

My solid experience all came precisely from working for local start-ups, which created inside me the love of entrepreneurship and creating something out of nothing and working on every detail to see it grow. So I decided to start my own thing that is directly related to my passion and experience, books and the cyber world.

I love books since I was a little kid, and discovered the beauty of Arabic literature at a later stage of my life… found that the cyber world does not really…

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At next year’s BookExpo America (BEA), billed as the largest event in North American publishing, there will — instead of a country focus — be a focus on “books in translation”:

via BookExpo America 2014 Promises ‘World Summit on Translation’.

Recently, I interviewed Joseph Lowry, formerly a practicing attorney and now translator of al-Shāfi‘ī’s The Epistle on Legal Theory (the Risālah), part of the growing Library of Arabic Literature. Lowry talked about translating “sharia” for a contemporary audience.

via Translating ‘Sharia’ for a Contemporary American Audience.

Paid Arabic Translation Internship – Apply Now!.

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In 2011 and 2012, ArabLit ran a series of “rules” for literary translators. More than 20 celebrated and award-winning literary translators participated. In no particular order:

rulesDavid Colmer (Dutch-English)

Judith Wilkinson (Dutch-English)

Samah Selim (Arabic-English)

Susan Bernofsky (German-English)

Fatima Sharafeddine (English-Arabic, French-Arabic, Arabic-English, Arabic-French)

George Messo (Turkish-English)

Becka Mara McKay (Hebrew-English)

Petra Dünges (Arabic-German)

Barbara Skubic (Slovenian-English, English-Slovenian, Arabic-Slovenian)

Pierre Joris (French-English)

Humphrey Davies (Arabic-English)

Jonathan Wright (Arabic-English)

Chip Rossetti (Arabic-English)

Michelle Hartman (Arabic-English)

Andrea Labinger (Spanish-English)

Lisa Carter  (Spanish-English)

Tiina Nunnally (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish-English)

Maia Tabet (Arabic-English)

Ibrahim Muhawi  (Arabic-English)

Hala Salah Eldin Hussein (English-Arabic)

Elliott Colla (Arabic-English)

Richard Jacquemond (Arabic-French)

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