Over the last year, I’ve had increasing requests to translate documents from English to Arabic, and I’ve often translated materials from Arabic to English as part of my academic work as a historian.

So I’ve decided to offer these services professionally. These are the steps:

1. You contact me by e-mail and tell me how you prefer we communicate. If you feel it is necessary to for me to sign non-disclosure agreements, we can do so at any time.

2. We agree on a fee estimate for the total project based on your specifications. Obviously, the main factors here are length, source quality, output specs and difficulty of translation. The more materials I have and the more specific you are, the more accurate my estimate can be. If you ask for a sample, I will charge you for the time it takes me to produce a sample for you.

3. You send me the lesser amount of 1/2 of the fee or $500. For U.S. taxpayers, I can provide you with a W-9 at this time.

4. I begin working. Depending on the nature of the material, I can submit partial product. If the remainder of my estimated fee is significant, we will work out a schedule of deliveries and payments.

5. When you receive delivery of portions or all of the project, you communicate to me corrections. If the corrections differ from the original project specifications, I add to my bill.

6. When the project is complete, you retain copyright of the translation, but you must credit the translation to Balagh Translations. Unless you specify otherwise, you allow me to cite your project in publicity materials and use you as a reference for other prospective clients.