I am particularly inspired by the combination of my disappointment with developments in Egypt in late November 2012 and my excitement reading E.O. Wilson’s The Future of Life.

  • Is there a lack of popular science literature in Arabic in a format accessible to significant segments of the population?
  • If so, what texts and what formats would reach the target population?
  • What resources are necessary to produce these media?
  • Is the benefit to be gained worth the resources to be expended?

I am not qualified to translate these books. I’ve never studied science in Arabic. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to translate anthropocentrism.

Could transforming these books into abridged audio books, accessible in 10-15 minute segments which could be serialized in radio broadcasts and free podcasts, be the best way to introduce these books to wider audiences?

Maybe crowdsourcing could provide the funding. Or even US government grants? Couldn’t one Predator drone pay for Guns, Germs and Steel and Pale Blue Dot? Wouldn’t adoption of the ideas in these books do more for US security than killing some “militant” and the women and children who got in the way? [2013-Feb-12 – Pale Blue Dot has an apparently unauthorized translation into Arabic whose scan is also being distributed freely as an Adobe file.]

I’ve not searched a lot yet, but here’s the beginning of a list of potential resources and partners.

I’m using Delicious to keep track of resources which might help. If you wish to add something to this, either send me the link or create the public Delicious link yourself and include this tag: TranslatingPopularScienceToArabic

List of Arabic language publishers