In June 2012, Eman Hylooz and Tamim Al Manaseer co-founded Abjjad, an Arabic social network for books with a big vision. 

abjjadArabLit: Why did you decide to start Abjjad? What’s your background?

Eman Hylooz: I majored in computer science followed by MBA in quality management… I worked for more than six years in a software development company in quality assurance and software-process engineering[.]

My solid experience all came precisely from working for local start-ups, which created inside me the love of entrepreneurship and creating something out of nothing and working on every detail to see it grow. So I decided to start my own thing that is directly related to my passion and experience, books and the cyber world.

I love books since I was a little kid, and discovered the beauty of Arabic literature at a later stage of my life… found that the cyber world does not really…

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